About Neighbourhood Express Courier

What makes a courier service special? Is it all about on time delivery? Is it just the speed of service? Or is it about the spread of our network? We have thought through all of these and we have an answer too. While all the factors mentioned are crucial any service company ought to have an amazing customer service, also when we are living in the digital age a courier service how the latest technology is utilized.

Our answer to this daunting question is rather simple; we want to be an outstanding courier service which excels in all the aspects right from customer service to delivery, employing the best human resources and incorporating cutting edge technology and all these efforts results in customer delight.
We have a great customer support team; we train them to handle all facets of customer training including handling queries to providing support.

We have a next generation real-time tracking system where you get to know where exactly your shipment is. We help you with automating your CRM by connecting it our dashboard.

We provide you excellent value for money and you can do away with the cost involved on having an own logistics team. Just leave it to and we will take care of it with our expertise and innovation.

We are one of the fastest couriers in the country providing you facilities like same day delivery We serve to all kind of business from ecommerce to retail distribution to individual shops and we provide the same outstanding services to all of these business. We can handle almost all areas in logistics including, packaging, delivery and returns, cash on delivery, drop ship, inventory management, Last mile delivery and international shipping.


We at Nex truly believe that every business should be customer centric and should be able to provide the maximum value for the money being paid.
We are in the business of bridging the physical gap between you and your customer.
We want to give the finest experience to your customer as you would give in your office or shop.
Our core value is of giving the finest experience to customers there by providing the business in this country and amazing partner in their progress.

Our Features

Great Customer Experience

Our people are the trained to provide the best customer service because we understand that customer service is the crucial part of any business

Real-time Tracking

Track your shipments in real-time, you can view where exactly is your package. Just key in your track code in the tracking page and you can access every detail related to it.


You can easily integrate our dashboard to your CRM, and you can provide the info to your customers without any extra investment on technology

Flexible Integration

You can integrate our dashboard with your CRM or your web-portal and uploading information of orders is as easy as sending an email.


Our services are lean and agile, we can provide you with unmatched speeds, because we understand geography of the country better.

Cost-Effective Delivery

Save massive amounts on leasing warehouses, hiring personnel, buying trucks, investing in technology and moreover the overheads managing it.

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