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We at NEX Courier truly believe that every business should be customer centric and should be able to provide the maximum value for the money being paid. We are in the business of bridging the physical gap between you and your customer. We want to give the finest experience to your customer as you would give in your office or shop. Our core value is of giving the finest experience to customers there by providing the business in this country and amazing partner in their progress.

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Different VAT rates for courier and freight services

What VAT rate will apply on our different courier and freight services? For example, we are moving shipments domestically, besides exporting and importing documents and parcels. We pay customs duties...

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How will the introduction of VAT in the UAE affect you?

As the price of oil continues to fall, those nations whose gross domestic product (GDP) has relied on its revenues are being forced to diversify their economies. Naturally, the only...

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